Architecture For Dogs

日常に溶け込むストレスフリーなChulo Dog Houseは、愛犬が暮らす特別な場所
Chulo Dog House is special place for your loved dog in daily life without any stress.


それがChulo Dog Houseです。

CHULO introduces architectural and
comfortable doghouse
perfect for both owners and dogs.

愛犬がリラックスできる「丁度いい」空間。それがChulo Dog Houseです。


  • 本来犬は、習性として自分より一回り大きいサイズの穴を掘り、そこを寝床にします。ハウス(巣穴)は、野生の世界で生きていく上で外敵から身を守る場所であり、母犬が安心して子育てをする場所、また家族が安心して暮らすための拠点にもなる場所です。つまり、犬にとってのハウスは、本能的に安心感を得るための必要な居住空間なのです。犬は、我々が思うよりもストレスに弱いため、自分の家(ハウス)がしっかりとした拠り所であることが大切です。犬も一歩家を出れば自動車や人、犬や騒音など様々な社会的刺激が存在します。これらの刺激を受けながらも、安心して帰れる家があるからこそ、精神的安定度が上がり、人間社会の中でも順応していけるのです。
  • もし、犬が私達人間の家を「自分の家」と覚えてしまうと、広すぎるスペースを守るために防衛本能、ナワバリ意識が出やすくなり、まるで「お化け屋敷」にいるかのように緊張状態に置かれてしまいます。犬が本能的に求める空間(パーソナルスペース)と人が求める空間には差違があり、居住空間の住み分けを行うことでテリトリー意識を抑える効果があり、犬がリラックスして過ごせることに繋がります。家の中にしっかりとパーソナルスペース=ハウスがあると、安心してフリースペースでも過ごすことができるのです。

    文:ドッグトレーナー 星野 貴大


  • From ancient times, a dog digs a hole one size larger than themselves as a habit and makes it a house (burrow) in the wild. This shelter is a place to protect themselves from various elements and enemies. It is also a place where a mother feels secure to raise her pups.Our pets are considered as members of the family. They are part of our everyday lives. No matter how domesticated companion animals are, They also need independence and privacy. Your pet should have its own house which is secured, comfortable and located within your sight.They are more sensitive than we think, so it is important that they feel secure and safe.
  • As they feel stress from various social stimuli such as cars, people and noise. When they return to their house, they feel secure. Allowing their mental stability and feeling of security to increase, so that they can fit in human society without anxiety. If they associate the human house as "my house", because it is too large, they may feel anxiety and tension all the time, as they feel they need to protect their territory.Instinctively, comfortable space for dogs is different from humans. To give personal space may inhibit dogs to have manageable territoriality and enable them to relax more.

    By Dog Trainer Takahiro Hoshino




Like contemporary art
Chulo Dog House is designed to ensure the compatibility with comfortable open-air and the instinctive space.
The bed has a combination of simple and innovative design. The mat is also breathable and washable.
It will support good sleep.


Always safe
One-frame structure with arch design would prevent damages from above.


Chulo Dog Houseのデザインは、圧迫感がなく犬は隔離されている感覚が抑えられます。
Share the space
The slat panel design gives no oppression to dogs. So even a dog accustomed to a free situation can enter the house easily. With this design, both dog and owner can be seen each other. Moreover, the design makes your training of dogs easy. You can induce your dog to enter the house by giving the snack between the frames.